Girls 06
Name: Michelle Jupiter

Mortal Dad: Johnathon Jupiter

Immortal Parent: Aphorites

Looks: Long wavy butter blonde hair and light blue eyes and tan skin and is very tall for her age and is a hourglass fro her shape. A girly tomboy and is very beatufil as well she wears expenise deginser jeans and a hot pink camo jacket and pink slippers and wears a pink camo sparkly headband .

Acts: Happy-to-go and vain and is very cheerful and bubbly. Smart and funny and blubbly to all of her friends to her emenys she is vain and osseded with how rude they are to her and owerwise she stays outta peoples way when a confult is near by.

History: Her father met Aphorites at a work cuvaction in 1995 and she was his co-worker named :July Pipers and in Febury they teparly married and had her the 2nd year they where married she left him becuase she was bored of his work and of the child, Michelle was left motherless for the frist ten years of of her life soon however Aphorites brought her to camp becuase she was still on earth at the time being and eversense then she stayed there. She has a phorecy on her child's life so she's like OMG why! No acually she going into labor on July 9th Saterday in 2011. Like Right NOW! 1 year later, her and Nick got married in Hawii, they where rich and young, but they still couliser at camp half blood and they lived part time at camp half blood just enough for weapons and stuff.

Age: 27

Husband: Nick Johnson

Friends: All of the aphorites kids.

Job: Musical Intern

Favorite Color: Hot pink

First met: Nice

To lovers: Lovely and pretty

Camp life: Happy as a bea has a boyfriend and tones of friends

Dislikes: Bad hair day and when she gets dirty

Likes: Expense things

Powers: Charm speaking.

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