Michelle Rosa Anderson
Wife Of Apollo

The Lost Princess

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth July,12,1923
Current age: 15
Gender: Lady

Family: Zeus

Her mother, Queen Angeline decreased

Her atopted mother, Grace decreased

Husaband: Apollo

Children: None

Status: Single, Well, Immortal
Eye Color Baby Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 feet tall
Alias: Dk
Weapons Her Looks and Her Husaband
Species: Demigod
Home: Camp half blood
Quests None


She was aboned becuase the Phorecy said: That She Will Be Your Death" She asumed her new born, she dumed her in a opharnge, she lived there with her best friend Julie Ann, a daughter of Athena. Until they were kicked out of the opharnge when it was closed down, they found rich lady named: Elisabeth Marria Anderson, when they where 7 years old. They where unrelted but sister in heart, Zeus himself saw her grow into a Beatiful young lady, he made her Immortal so that she will marry Apollo. Julie became, a Huntress for she had no luck with men.


This is when she is a 7 year old

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