Miles Westen
Miles west (1)
Son of Zeus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 5/2/95
Current age 16
Gender Male
Family Zeus (father)

Ms. Westen (mother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Height 5ft 10in
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Lightning Gauntlets
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances The Dark Storm Awakening
Quest For The Lost Scythe
Quests Quest into Tartarus

Quest For Kronos' Scythe

 Miles Westen is a son of Zeus that first appears in The Dark Storm Awakening.


Miles lived with his mother up until her death at the hands of a monster when he was seven years old. He lived with his grand parents where he learned that he was the son of Zeus. Instead of going to Camp Half-Blood he decided to work on his own to fight monsters. He later met two other demigods and together they formed the Demigod 3 and they hunted down the monsters that hurt the innocent. 

The Corvin Series

The Dark Storm Awakening

He first appeared in the airport to along with Alexia and Clint to save Silas and Claudia. He explained to Silas and Claudia that some guy in Bermudan shorts and a Hawaiian shirt told them to save tham. When they arrived back at camp he explained to Chiron how they found Silas and Claudia. When Claudia comes back with a prophecy from Rachael, he is asked to go because a son of Zeus is needed. He agrees as long as he can take Alexia and Clint. When they arrived in the Underworld they were attacked by the furies. Together him and Silas was able to defeat Alecto. When they were given permission into Tartarus he was creeped out by his uncle Hades. Inside Tartarus he and the others were captured by Oceanus and the Makhai. They were lead to the pit where Ouranos'  soul was residing in. When the fighting started he tackled Oceanus and he and Silas decided to fight the titan together. To defeat Oceanus Miles exploded the bubble prison that Oceanus was trapped in with a lightning bolt. After they defeated Oceanus he decided to help Clint and Boyd. He latered joined Silas again to face Oceanus. They would have been killed if Nico Di Angelo didn't arrive. They were able to defeat him by combing their abilities together. When Quintus fell, he flew to catch Silas' foot to keep them all from falling. After Quintus fell in he pulled the rest out. Back on earth he decides to join Silas on his goal to stop Ouranos.

Quest For The Lost Scythe



  • Electrokinesis: He can generate electricity and summon powerful lightning bolts. He is also immune to ectric attack.
  • Aerokinesis: Miles can control, and generate very powerful winds and air currents. He can also ride air currents to fly.
  • Fighting Skills: He is very well trained in hand to hand combat.

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