Cronos 3d
Bane Of Ares
Son of Tartarus
Son of Gaea
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth unknown
Current age unknown
Gender male
Family Tartarus(father)

Gaea(mother) gigantes(brothers)

Status deceased
Eye Color grey
Hair Color bald
Height 60ft
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation himself
Weapons war hammer
Species Giant
Home Mimas island
Appearances Tower of The Gods
Quests None

 Mimas is the giant bane of Ares, son of Tartarus and Gaea. He will be one of the antagonist of the Tower Of The Gods.

Tower Of The Gods

Mimas works with Triton to bring down the olympians for the master. Triton gives his conch shell to Mimas for him to use on his conquest, but he only has to kill Silas Corvin. if he succeeds he would lead an army to the olympian towers to lead an attack on the gods.

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