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Mira G

Mira Crystal Grace is the quarter-blood daughter of Thalia Grace and Charles Beckendorf


Mira has very light brown hair with streaks of blonde. Her skin is fair with a spray of freckles. She has greyish-blue eyes and Thalia's face, but with Annabeth's chin. As a teenager, she's 5'6 tall and weighs 145 lbs.


Mira has more of a gothic personality, like Thalia. She loves to wear colors like black, purple, and dark red, and her room is covered in posters of metal bands. She's shy and a little insecure. Mira is intelligent and a bookworm, like Annabeth. Like both of her parents, she can be a little hot-headed and full of herself.

Known Family

  • Charels Beckendorf (Farther)
  • Thalia Grace (Mother)
  • mrs Beckendorf (Maternal Grandmother)
  • hepetus (Maternal grandfather)
  • Mrs Grace (Maternal grandmother
  • Zeus (Maternal grandfather)

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