"I don't think. I know... Hera."

- Miracle Hill, to Morgan Knight, A Demigod's Shield, on her parentage

Miracle Hill is a daughter of Hera created by DarkCyberWolf.


Miracle is the daughter of Theo Hill, Misa Hill, and the goddess Hera (Don't worry - it will make sense later). Misa always loved the Greek gods and goddesses as a kid, and still remembered the legends even after she married Theo. Warning: Sad part! A year after their marriage, Misa had gotten pregnant, but it was a miscarriage, and the physical trauma on her body left her unable to conceive another child. Theo's side of the family had issues with the fact that Theo could not father children, and the two were close to being forced out of their marriage. Misa remembered the myths she loved as a child and prayed to Hera, goddess of marriage, for some chance of theirs being saved. Hera answered the prayers. Disguised as Misa, she bore Theo's daughter and altered Misa's memory so she would think it was hers. They named the daughter Miracle...





Hera: Miracle is fond of her mother and subtly tries to increase her reputation throughout the story.

Zeus: Zeus has no idea that Miracle is his stepdaughter and believes her to be one of the unclaimed. Miracle fears what may happen if he finds out the truth of her parentage.


Morgan Knight: Morgan scrapes at Miracle's nerves, making her the only person capable of infuriating her. Miracle likewise infuriates Morgan with her total calmness.

Thomas Garcia: Miracle is way nicer to Thomas than anyone else, mainly because she knows right off the bat how much power his line has. Thomas, in turn, thinks highly of Miracle.


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