Muse-Young teen

Muse when she was about 9.

Muse Kid-5

Muse when she was about five.

Muse Lianna Lockhart (born August 13, 1997) is an unclaimed demigod.

Beneath The Threads Of Life.

Muse was abandoned by her mother and father, Keenan and Adam Lockhart when she was a baby. She has grown up at Camp, raised by numerous older campers and Chiron.

She is asked by an older camper, Eliza if she would like to stay with her for schooling. She accepted.

After she moved in with the Daniels' family she started to go by her middle name.

She has a dream about another demigod being attacked and nearly killed by a monster.

Muse wakes up from that dream and falls asleep again. She dreams about killing someone.

Alexis, her best friend, dragged her to a dance where she danced with her crush Sam and kissed him. They became boyfriend and girlfriend shortly after.

Muse goes on a date with Sam on her thirteenth birthday. She is told by Sam that he loves her.

She breaks up with Sam some time later.


Muse looks a lot like her mother. She has red hair that got darker red over a few years and pale skin. She had a few freckles dotted across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes are blue, but a darker shade of blue. She likes to call them indigo. Muse doesn't look like her father at all. She looks more like her mother and then does not look exactly like her. As a child, she was 4'1 and weighed 56 lbs. As a teenager, however, she's 5'8 and weighs 143 lbs.


Muse is a bit sadistic and masochistic (on, the second meanings plz). She enjoys being mean and slightly cruel. Underneath this, she is a friendly teaser and nice. She is bitter and lazy but can be friendly. She is very moody and, like all demigods, has ADHD and dyslexia. She is a bit antisocial because of being bullied and being abandoned at a young age.

Known Family.


  • Muse's fan fic was one of Transformers. It was being put into Word just a few days before TATN switched fandoms. Therefore, the original is still on paper.
  • Muse was named after another character of TATN's who was named after the band.
  • Last time Thinkaboutthisname checked, Muse was the perfect balance between Mary-Sue and boring character.
  • Thinkaboutthisname has ignored the original Muse for some time now, but both versions are her favourite OC's.
  • Muse is nearly a self-insertion, but Thalia doesn't have red hair nor dark blue eyes nor freckles.
  • Muse and her creator share a personality.

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