Nala is the made up Greek Goddess of Nature. She is the youngest unkown daughter of Zeus and Hera that's why she isn't in mythology. She has wait length chestnut hair and one green eye and one blue eye. Her animal is the horse and her color is Green


Nala was born to Zeus and Hera in 1934 on MT.Olypus(she is their favorite daughter) So she is the youngest goddess. She and Artemis are both in a way the goddess of nature but it is manly Nala. Nala and Triton(Poseiodon and Amphitrite's son) are dating.


Nala can grow anything, and she can speak to any animal she wants too and she has the standard goddess powers.



Mother: Hera Father Zeus Sisters: Artemis, Hebe, and Persephone Brothers: Ares Hephfastus Hermes and Apollo


Long chestnut hair One green eye one blue eye

Cabin at Camp Half Blood

Her cabin on the outside is stone with tree's and flowers in front of it. On the inside it is quite big with 8 sets of bunks and 2 sofa's and 3 desks

Cabin Leader: Willow Heek


None yet.....

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