Natalia as a little girl, playing dress up.

Natalia R-R

Natalia when she's on the Princess Andromeda.

Natalia Cameron Roberts (born January 2, 1995) is a demigod daughter of Zeus

Looking For Angels.

Natalia is the main character in LFA and appears first, at a floor-hockey practice. She gets a detention for looking out at the storm and fights and kills her math teacher and fellow demigod.

She disposes of the body after May tells her she is a demigod. They go back to Natalia's house.

Natalia finds her pregnant mother dead, murdered by her step-father. She is also nearly killed by him.

May and Natalia get on a bus and head for Long Island. On their bus is Alecto (Mrs Dodds, the Fury). Nat kills the Fury with the same sword that killed Mrs Barnette.

They arrive at Camp Half-Blood and she meets Percy and gets a tour of camp.

While playing capture the flag, Natalia is claimed by Zeus.

She is shunned and apparently hates her life after being claimed.

Natalia spends two days in her cabin and when she finally comes out, she gets pushed in the lake by Percy.

She sneaks out of camp and goes to a music store. She buys a few CDs and is on her way home when she gets confronted by demigods.

The gang knocks Natalia out and dip her in the River Lethe, erasing her memory. She is told she is a demigod named Jenny Lattimer.

She is now on the Princess Andromeda, dating Seth. She was confronted by Percy who begged her to come back to camp. She refused and Seth and Percy fought. Then Percy was forced to flee by jumping off the ship.


Her father being unknown I cannot say that she looks like him. However, she does have long, layered jet-black hair. Her skin is fairly pale but still more normal than most fair skinned people. She has light brown or honey-brown eyes. Natalia has a fairly punk style but still wears pink and lighter colours, only in smaller portions. She is 5'8 and weighs 135 lbs.


Natalia is good at lying. She loves too and often does. Her favourite colour is black. She is very shy and keeps to herself. Her complete opposite would be May, who is colourful and bubbly. Natalia often likes to be manipulative. She can be persuasive and a bit of a b*tch at times. She is also very interested in the sky and space but hates swimming. It is shown in chapter eight, that Natalia has Androphobia (fear of men, restricted for her to middle-aged men), Xenophobia (fear of strangers), and Aquaphobia (fear of water).

Known Family.


  • Natalia is named after Natalia Boa Vista, from CSI: Miami.
  • Hmmm... Likes the sky, black hair, hates swimming... ring any bells?

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