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Natalie Cole
"Let's kick some Monster Butt!"
Daughter of Athena
Cabin 6
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 23, 1996
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Athena, Father, 2 mortal half-siblings
Status Alive -Death in 2033
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Brunette/Auburn
Height 5'7"
Alias Nat or Natty
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood, The Questers
Weapons Scar
Species Demigod
Home Greenwich Village, New York
Appearances Natalie's Adventure Series,

Son of War, Oh, For the Love of Coffee! Wake Up and Smell the Coffee To Camp

Quests The Questers: The First Adventure,

The Questers: Lost and Found, The Questers: Wanted, The Questers Vs. The Heroes Organization, The Questers: A Twist in Time, If Only We Had Wings, The Questers: The Howl of the Hound, The Sound of the Orchid,

Natalie Adrian Cole is a demigod.

She goes on several quests, some with Kassi and her other friends, and the rest with a group of demigods called the Questers.

Natalie is very smart.

Usually she is very nice and willing to help people.

She is told to be exactly like her father, in appearance and behavior.



Sometimes she can be sarcastic and a bit of a smart-aleck.

She enjoys being right. She enjoys when people need her help.

She fights with a sword, though is not bad at archery. She is terrible at javelin-throwing however.

Fatal Flaw: She is incredibly stubborn and prideful. This causes her to sometimes get mad and have it take a while to cool off, and to hold grudges.

Like Annabeth, she can get a little jealous.

Natalie is a member of The Questers.

Later in her life, Natalie has three triplet nieces and nephew. Natalie is Zia's godmother.

When the parents die, (Kyra and Michael), Natalie becomes Zia's legal guardian.


Natale's email: n_cole@camphalfblood.oic

Fighting Style

Natalie was quick to learn sword work and archery, though better at the first. She usually carries her weapon of choice, Scar, hunting knives kept in her combat boots, and sometimes is equipped with a bow and quiver. In a fight, she would not have the patience to aim an arrow. She would rather take Scar in her hands for some hacking and stabbing. When fighting an opponent she looks to find their weakness, and also to see their style. By doing this she can either mimic their movements, predict their next moves, or do the opposite to control them, (whichever method works best for that specific fight). She likes to learn little tricks to end the duel quickly, because she would rather win while she still has all her energy. Natalie and her best friend Kassi invented many clever moves with swords, and were asked by Chiron to teach a Shield Skills class.


Oh, For the Love of Coffee!

Natalie joins her best friend, Kassi on a quest.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Another quest with Kassi, Rebecca, Emma, and Seth.

The Questers

A Series of Adventures that take place after the Battle of Manhattan.

To Camp

Natalie is a minor character.

Camp Half-Blood Blog Series

Natalie, Warboss, Michael, Zack, Bard eric, and Kyra must save the Camp from Kronos.


Athena- Mother

Kassi Banoight -best friend and sister (Athena)

Seth Alder -brother (Athena)

Current Boyfriend- Coming Soon

Michael Johnson - brother (Athena)

Kyra Musika - sister-in-law and close friend (Apollo)

Arthur Musika, Zia Johnson, Jean Johnson - her nieces and nephew, children of Michael and Kyra.

Malcolm - brother (Athena)

Annabeth Chase - sister (Athena)

Zack Johnson - very close friend and cousin (Ares)

Ava Śmierć- very close friend (Hades)

The Marauder - very close friend (mortal)

Emma Clarkson - very close friend (Aphrodite)

Rebecca Marks - very close friend (Apollo)

Anyone in The Titan Army- Rivals

Natalyia- Natalie's Alternate Dimension self and a Rival from The Questers: A Twist in Time

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