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this story is a lengthened diolouge from my first fanfiction between Jack Rucker, Luke and Kronos.

Kronos: Surrendur, Punk!!!

Jack Rucker: I will Never Surrendur!!!

Kronos: Surrendur, it will save you so much pain.

Jack: I won't surrendur!!!

Kronos: If you'll surrendur now i will spare your life and spare those closest to you.

Jack: I won't Surrendur, cause i'm going to defeat you.

Kronos: If you surrendur you'll not have your life and freinds lives but you'll have authority and splendor beyond you're wildest dreams.

Jack: I will Never Surrendur to you! Not Now, Not Ever!

Kronos: I won't be denyed. If you submit, i'll make you and her immortal. You'll live together eternally young and happy... forever!!

Jack: Immortality?

Kronos: Yes, Jack immortality for you both.

Luke: It's a trick Jack, he'll do no such thing.

Jack: How do you know?

Luke: I know cause I used to work for this guy. he's a Liar and a Tyrant.

Jack: Come on Luke, you hate the gods too. if I do this they'll be defeated.

Luke: Yes and so will you. come on if Thalia knew you were about to do this she would never love you.

Jack: Wait a miniute you just want her back. you want her for yourself.

Luke: I want her... to be with you. She's Happy with you and so i'm happy. and i will not willingly condemn you to hell by letting you do this.

Kronos: Don't listen to him, i'm your Freind Jack. He'll lead you down a path of destruction. I'll you down a path of Happieness.

Jack: No... no you are a liar. you're not my freind, you're my enemy! You make promisess you have no intent on honoring. I won't surrendur, I'll defeat you.

Kronos: I was hoping this wouldn't happen. But apparently you need to die. *KO's Jack*

Luke: Come on man, get up. GET UP YOU LITTLE PUNK!!! Cause I love you like the brother i never had! Cause your freinds love you! Cause Thalia Loves you!!!

Jack: You're right i can't Give up. I WON'T GIVE UP!!!! *rises* Thank you my freind. *shakes Luke's hand*

Luke: Don't Mention it. Now Go kick that guy's a**. and Treat Thalia right or else when i come back for real I will kill you.

Jack: YO KRONOS!!! *Kronos makes a Villianous turn* Is that all you got? *KO's Kronos and he stays down*

Ares: And the King wins!!!!


a Cjspalding 16:48, March 9, 2010 (UTC) story

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