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(I dont know how to make a picture)

Nick Hanley is a demigod. He has dark black hair and sea green eyes. He usually wears a black unzipped jacket over his orange camp-half-blood shirt, with the sleeves of the jacket pulled up to his elbows, jeans, and sneakers.


Poseidon (father)

Donna Hanley (mother)

Alicia Johnson (step-sister)

Greg Johnson (step-father)


Nick was bullied alot as he was growing up because of his dyslexia and ADHD, and he got into a few fights, causing a broken nose, a broken wrist, and a broken cheek-bone. He's moved to four different states, and when he came to New York, he swore to not get into any more fights. A satyr named James found him and carefully watched him for two years, before a manticore pretending to be the school bully attacked Nick in the ninth grade. James rescued him and brought him to camp half-blood. He became fast friends with Percy, and met a beautiful girl named Adriana, who he had a crush on.

Magic Items

Pocket-knife that folds out into a sword almost identical to Riptide.

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