Name: Nicholas David Jupiter

Mother: Marry Ann Jupiter

Immortal Parent: Zeus

Looks: Good looking and has dark brown hair and is musclar and fit and is wears a black tee shir and some jeans and black mitarly boots and a mitary cap.

Acts: Friendy and stubborn and is like the most coolest guys ever he is very flirty

Girlfriend: Monae Harmony Carter

Favorite color: Icy black.

Siblings: Michelle and Angeline Jupiter

History: Nick, Mich, and Angeli were born in New York, New York. There mom, Mari, was very beautiful, that she caught the eye of Zeus. After she gave birth, she gave the children to an orphanage. Nick lead his siblings out of the orphanage, and they were attacked by a hellhound, but they were able to stop it. The water nymph, Nimue, brought them to Camp Half Blood.

Quests: The Quest to Find Chiron, The Quest to Find Nahuatl,

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