Nicola at Camp Half-Blood. Age 15.

Nicola (or Nikki) Clark is a Demigod daughter of Apollo. She was adopted by William and Hope Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Clark didn't know about Nicola being a Half-Blood; all they knew is that she was a nomal human child put up for adoption by her single mother. At the age of 6 Nicola's adoptive father left them. He left a note in his jean drawer explain that he was looking for Nicola's adoptive mother and maybe even her long-lost true father. Being a very curious 7 year old with ADHD, Nicola found it when she was snooping through her adoptive mother's room. She tried very hard to find out what it said, wtith her dyslexia and the fact that it still took her a couple days to finish a Robert Munch book, she didn't know what it said. She had returned to it's proper place. A couple of years later, when she was 10, she decided to go back and try again, but, when she looked for it, she found nothing: her adoptive mother had found it.


Eyes: Golden

Hair: Light Brown

Height: 5.6

Style: Nicola loves all clothes Colorful and Summerey. Her closet barely has any black in it. The only black thing she owns was for a funeral when she was 11. She loves cuffed jeans.

Extras: Nicola has a splash of freckles accross her nose and always wears her hair in a high pony tail, off to one side (except for when she has to dress up).


Nicola is very out-going. She tends to love the Summer and basicly hibernate in the Winter. (A/N: Like me!) She is always very creative. Her best subject is Music. She's always struggled in Poetry though she loves it. (A/N: Just like her Dad) She's witty, always making jokes by mistake. Nicola is a very curious Half-blood, this can be really dangurous because she always needs to know what is going on.

A/N: If you have any questions about Nicola, please, feel free to ask!

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