Name: Nimue Waterson

Age: About nine hundred sixteen years old

Breed: Water nymph, child of Poseidon


Nimue was once a fierce and blood thirsty girl. Now, she is very sof spoken and kind. She never fails to cheer anyone up. She is a good and loyal friend to all.


Nimue is a beautiful, but gothic girl. She has blue hair, which was once pure black, and eyes bluer than any sea or ocean. She was Poseidon's perfect child.


Nimue was onced named Narissa. She was very bloodthirsty and cruel. One day, Zeus decied to test her meaness. He disguised her mother as a deer, and Nimue killed her. Each and every god wanted to kill her, but Poseidon begged them to have pity on her. So Poseidon turned her into an immortal water nymph. When she turned into Nimue, she changed. She became quieter and more calm.

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