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5 Kids, One Mission

Kassi's quest against Starbucks!

DONE!!!! Look for the sequel!

It takes place before TC.

Just letting you know, it's a lot of chapters but they're not really long.

Please, tell me what you think on my talk page! Kakki10 19:53, July 21, 2010 (UTC)

(Note: The "five kids, one mission" picture was made by SallyPerson. Thanks Sally!)


Main Characters:

Kassi Banoight ~ She leads the quest.
Natalie Cole ~ Joins Kassi on the quest.
Emma Clarkson ~ Joins Kassi on the quest.
Rebecca Marks ~ Joins Kassi on the quest.
Seth Alder ~ Joins Kassi on the quest.


To the city in the West where it all began

An endless chain run by a monster clan

Unorthodox acts coupled with caffeine

But you will be watched by a presence unseen

Friend or foe is now unknown and hidden

Arriving at the gates with one more than bidden

Do you like Oh, For the Love of Coffee?

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