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Olivia as a toddler, playing dress-up.

Olivia Q

Olivia Parker Quinn is a ten-year-old demigod daughter of Ares.


Olivia as a teen.

Hell Is For Children

Olivia is Elena's younger sister. When she was a baby, her father left because he got another woman pregnant.

Ever since their father left, the two sisters were physically and emotionally abused by their alcoholic mother. They ran away from home (Olivia was four, Elena was nine).

They are found by a satyr, who takes them to camp.

Elena is claimed by Athena, while Olivia is claimed by Ares.


Olivia is a cute young girl. She is 4'10 tall and is underweight at just 70 lbs, though that can easily be explained by the fact that she lived on the streets for six years. She has pale skin, short blonde hair, and dark green eyes. When she was little, her hair was bleach/platinum blonde (bordering on white), but now it's more of a sunny blonde. Though Olivia has pale skin and blonde hair, she doesn't feel like a child of Hermes, nor does she act like one (she only steals because she has to or she'll starve). She is described as a younger version of her mother.


Olivia is sweet and friendly. She would have a more happy-go-lucky personality if she hadn't been abused. She has a heart of stone, finding it virtually impossible to cry. Being a child abuse survivor, she can also be sad and distant.

Known Family


  • She and Elena aren't related by blood.
  • As Mary Quinn was married to Dean at the time of Olivia's conception, Olivia is a child of adultery.

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