Olle Dreyer
Norse Demigod
Son of Skadi
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth -
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Skadi - Mother

Unnamed Father - Father (Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue/Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 6'1"
Alias -
Affiliation Norse Camp
Weapons -
Species Norse Demigod
Home Norse Camp
Appearances Bello Deorum (Main Page)
Quests -


Olle was born in Northern Canada to a Norwegian mother, or so his father claims anyways. Olle never knew his mother. His father told him when he was eight years old that his mother was simply a woman who came to Canada on holiday from Norway, returned nine months after her stay with Olle, then left again and he hasn’t seen her yet. In fact, he didn’t even know her name. How she even found him again was beyond his knowledge. Now, Olle was not only angry for being abandoned by his mother, but was also angry at his father for being such a ‘womanizer’. His rage was bottled up within for three years, when he finally broke down and murdered his father in his sleep with one of his father’s own hunting guns. Olle fled the home and never looked back.

Eventually, after walking and taking a seemingly infinite number of buses and trains, he entered the US where he was found by a recruiter from the Norse camp. He was taken to the camp which was located in Northern Norway. There, he’s lived since he murdered his own father. His rage is still the same as it has been since he was eight years old and his father revealed the truth and stopped pulling the “She works overseas, and she’ll return soon.” crap. 







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