So I stole the name of my old, highly inappropriate fic for an AU of Sweet Temptation.

Adrastos never ran away. How is his life different?

TATN / Thalia! 20:53, March 27, 2010 (UTC)


My father left my room after our argument. I swear I heard him whisper something to a few demigod guards. When I left my room to go to the bathroom, they followed me and two others took post at my door.

I knew my plans of running away were totally gone by now. I guess I'd have to bear with my father and not kill myself.

I stayed in my room all night, cursing my father and boiling up a few plans for his demise.

None of them seemed painful enough for him. Nothing was slow enough for him. Nothing seemed to work.

I stayed in my room, working at my locket. It was sealed shut. An extra coat of Celestial bronze had done that.

But there was a spot in every armour that defeated it. I tried to find that spot with my knife.

Twisting, sliding it, and poking around on every surface of the bronze, I hunt for the spot. Finally, the blade sinks in to the metal.

Sighing in relief, I dig the knife under the surface of the bronze. Flicking it upwards, it starts to flake off and glitter on my floor.

The shining metal is now filled with scratches from my weapon. But it was still the beautiful shape of a star.

It was fairly big, about the size of my palm. I worked to open it. It took me a while and a bloody thumb.

When I finally got it open, I had no idea what I was looking at.

It was my father, arms wrapped around a smiling woman with black hair and blue eyes. Dad was smiling too. There was a baby in the woman's arms.

With a shock, I realized that baby was me.

I now knew what my mother looked like. But was she alive? Had she just left my dad? Or was she here on the ship, not allowed to see me?

I would never know.

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