This is about two daughters of Hades, Angeli and Ever Corro. Ever, being the older one, isn't happy, so she went the The Hunters a long time ago, leaving Angeli. As years past, Ever grew stronger while Angeli grew weaker. Reda this story and find out about a sisters heart.


Ever Corro

Angeli Corro

Ace Valdz

Jonathan Sombrano

Percy Jackson

Annabeth Chase

Dana Hill

Chapter One

She was as fast as a jaguar. She was a strong as a lion. She was as dark as a bat. She was as beautiful as a dove.

The girl was Ever Corro, daughter of Hades and Hunter of Artemis. She was the dark princess, the one with the worst past. She was a girl of sadness and despair.

As she held the dead racoon in her arms, she got up on her stallion. She rode it throught the woods, until she found her companions. Thalia was making a fire so everyone could rest in peace. Phoebe was talking to Dana Hill, a mortal who Artemis admired.

As she sat down, she felt something in the ground move. Thalia must have felt it too for she seemed afraid.

"Hold your ground!" Thalia called.

Ever followed her orders. She stood p as she clutched her bow and daggers. She suddenly fell and got snow in her eyes.

When her vision cleared, she saw five people standing at in the middle of the camp. The fisrt two she regognized: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. The other three were strange to her. The boy was cute, but he looked miscevous. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. The boy beside him looked sweet and humble. He had black eyes and black hair. But the girl looked stronger

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

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