Timothy Richard Wayne
Vital statistics
Name Thomas Timothy Curry
Alias Orca
Affiliation Signalmen
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Species Quarterly Related to Atlanteans
Family Arthur Curry (Father) Athena (Mother)
Marital Status 2012: Single
First Appearance Heroes

Thomas Tim Curry aka Orca, is the demiatlantean superhuman son of Aquaman and Athena.


Early Years

Born with no memory of his father or mother, Thomas, (preferring to go bye his nickname Orca) showed incredible skills in the water, talking to fish, breathing underwater, and survivng high pressures. Most believed him to be a son of Poseiden and yet no sign came. The mystery surrounding this young demigod was strengthened when he was claimed by Athena. Embarrassed of his bizarre abilities, Thomas slowly withdrew from society, though gradually accepting his gifts.

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