I am Thomas Samoht, and I was a late comer to Half-Blood Hill. I came at the age of fourteen, rather than the standard twelve. I've been there for one year, and stayed all year long. My mother is Aphrodite. This was the biggest of my problems. You see: Everyone expects the children of Aphrodite to be girls. And pretty ones, too. I am neither. That was my problem. I was good a the physical events. But it was hard focusing when you're in a cabin full of... giggling girls. My best skill is capture the flag. But the problem is, nobody in my cabin likes to play at all, so I find myself making deals with the teams on my own. And out group leader is as prissy, girly, bratty, and rich as a girl can get. She's also famous in the known world. Most know her as Emma Watson. She's got a group of, like, a trillion girls who follower her around, and you can tell she loves it. The problem is, her magic is strong. Like, really strong. She is working on a spell that can control one's mind. And the problem is, she's getting close. And she also does all the group activities like capture the flag. But she lets me pick what team we're on, because she's always on the winning team. See, people don't know it, but she can, sort of, control people and their actions. She stays out of the battle, and can kind of... prod their minds to do what is best for the team. She is really, REALLY good. The bad news: I HATE her. But today is the day of capture the flag again. We're on the Athena team. Which is unusual. We're usually on Ares. But it doesn't matter, we're still gonna win. But I'd like to see what this new boy, um, Percy Jackson was his name... does.

Chapter unfinished...

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