"Hey Prim" said Khole.

"Hey Khole" I said.

"Are U excited about the dance" asked Khole.

"School dances are not my thing"

"Plez. Be there"

"No thanks"


"Fine. Only once"

"Sweet. I have cute dresses 4 the dance"

"Dresses are not my style"

"Primrose Jones,U can be girly 4 a while"

"Fine. I'll be girl like. I luv being tomboy"

"Great the dance is tonite"


"I'll girl U up"



"Chic!" said Khole "That's totally chic! The sparkie pink dress:AMAZING! The pink high heel sneakers:Chic & your style. Look at this outfit!" She wore a yellow sun dress,yellow 7 inch heels & a rose hair accessiroe.

"Why yellow" I asked

"I like yellow. Tonite my signtaure is yellow & yours is pink" said Khole

"Let's go" I said.


"U go U stay" said a guy.

"Me?" I asked.

"U stay 5th grader" said the guy.

"Why? me" He turned into a monster.

"RUN!" I shouted.

"Take this" said a guy. He toke off his pants.

"Is it me or the kid's a goat" said Khole

"He's a goat" I said. He kicked it hard.

"Let's run to the dance" said Khole.

"Oh I forgot my pants" he said

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