It was so crazy what happened yesterday at the dance. The goat boy fighting a monster. Me & Khole dressed in girly outfits. Khole was just helping. It's now finally summer vacation. It's now hot. I wish I can surf. I'm a surfer. I started surfing when I was 6. All Edigito wants to this summer is nothing. What a lazy bum. Once me & my mom went to the beach when I was 6 after Edigito was going to Las Vegas 4 the whole summer.

"Mom," I said.

"Yes Prim" said my mom.

"I can I surf" I asked.

"No. It's too risky"

"No it's not"


"WOO HOO!" Then we went to a beach in Burbank. I tried surfing. I was scared,but I did it! Edigito came back from Las Vegas after we came home. I woke up at noon. I was in my swimsuit for no reason. I put on my pink,light blue,white,purple & lime tank top,yellow shorts & black sneakers. I walked down stairs to head a cross the street to go see my long time BFF,Khole.

"Hey is Khole here" I asked Mrs.Miller. Mrs.Miller is this woman who looks 29 to me,She has golden brown hair & gray eyes,She looks canadian to me.

"Yes" said Mrs.Miller "But tomorrow I'm going to drop her off to Camp Half-blood"

"Oh" I said "I'll see her if my mom put in that Camp or over the summer"

"Hey Prim" said Khole.

"Oh hey" I said. Me & Khole walked to my house.

"I don't talk to Edigito" I whispered.

"OKAY" she whispered.

"Hey Print," said Edigito "Give me the..."

"NO!" I shouted, "YOUR TOO LAZY! WHY WON'T U LUV ME LIKE A NORMAL DAD! I HATE U!" Edigito fell sleep. We ran to my backyard.

"Hey Prim,' said Khole "I think U should try what Neania from Water did"

"Fine" I said. We got a kiddie pool & ran to the street which is 70's & 40's themed. I closed my eyes & water was in my contral. I'm water bender! I made a waterfall. I wet everyone.

"THAT WAS AWSOME!" shouted a 4-year old boy.

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