Why I'm a Half-blood. My life's sooooooooo complicated. I never know about greek mythology. Me & my BFF,Khole were BFFs since we were about 3. Khole's not in Band or Orestchea or chrous or matching band or music realeted stuff in school because they say Khole's too talented. I'm good at water sports(Water polo,swimming,surfing & wakeborading). We're 5th graders at The Jersey Shore middle school in the city where The Jersey Shrone is. Me & Khole are from Los Angeles. My step-dad's into drugs & alochol since 10 years ago. I hate Edigito. I'll tell U the day I met one of my biggest fears. OK. It was a cool fall day. I can't sleep. I keep dreaming about I lost my dad. Was he on dervioce w/ my mom or disappeared. I need answers! Oh right. The school year was perfect. No monsters. It's a week before school ended. I wanted to see my mom,again. Edigito always treat my mom like a maid. I hate him so much. I wish my dad who disappeared or got on dervioced w/ my mom for no reason. He left at my birthday. I always have dreams of this god who thinks is my dad. Is he my dad. By the way,I got dress because I thought I was late.

"Prim," said my bff,Khole "Why are U wearing my cute drumer jacket"

"I thought it was mine" I said.

"It's cute on U" said Khole.


Me & Khole were BFFs since we're 3. We met at a park near my house in LA. Sometimes,I thought Khole clothles were mine. Why are we the same clothling style,it's awkard. She always say her clothles look cute on me.

"Hi!" said a guy w/ a one eye.

"HIDE ME KHOLE!" I said scared.

"Hi I'm Khole Miller" said Khole

"Me Tyson" said the guy. "Who's that behide U" He had brown hair & brown eyes. He's freakishly tall. He's a cycoles. I'm so scared of cycoles.

"That's my Best Friend,Prim Jones" said Khole

"Hi me Tyson" said Tyson.

"Khole," I said "I think we should go to class"

"Bye-bye" said Tyson

"Bye" said Khole

I'm so scared what Tyson.

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