I'm going to miss Khole tomorrow when she heads to Camp Half-hood. Who named the Camp? I think this is going to be the first summer a part from each other. I'm going to be home alone w/ Edigito this summer. Edigito always call me Print & Printrome. I hate him. If Khole leaves,I would stay home,not doing what Edigito asked me to. It's like prison. The next dat. Me & Khole said our good-byes. My mom came back from Tennisee. It was June 14th. Mortal time is faster than monster time. I put on my surfing gear. And I head to Fame beach.

I luv surfing I thought like I have no memory of Khole. Today,I live the day like there's no tomorrow. I hung out at that street that was 70/40's theme,now it's like a crazy water wonderland w/ kids smiling,wetting each other w/ water guns,throw & drop water ballons,suprising dumping buckets of water at each other,swimming in swimming pools & playing games in swimming pools like tag & marko,pollo. I joined the FUN! I left at sunset. All day,I didnt think about Khole. When I came home. I saw Edigito sleeping the sofa & farting,ew!

"I'm home" I said.

"Oh good" said mom.

"Why U said "Oh good"" I asked.

"I'll tell U something"

"Edigito smoke everyday"


"It's a sercet"

"You're a famous actress"


"It's about U"

"Me? Why me?"

"Listen you're dad is Poseidon,the king of the seas & a greek god"

"Yea right"

"This true. Tomorrow I'm sending U to Camp Half-blood"

"You're making me go see Khole there"

"No. It's a safe place 4 U,Primrose"

"Oh Okay"

"You're a Demigod"


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