As my mom woke up at I hate waking up at 2.a.m. I'm 11 & need sleep. It's like Edigito living his own restless hangover in Las Vegas without what Edigito did. I toke a long sleep in the car & fell 12 times. The almost 13 time I put on my stupid seat belt on. It's a 4 day drive 2 Long island,New York. My mom's cheap about traveling. Me & my mom said our good-byes.

"Who are U mortal" said a centuar

"Prim Jones" I said.

"Leave now" he said.

"Augusto," said Khole "She's a demigod"

"Oh my bad" said Augusto "I'm Augusto,the activity directior. Who's are olympian parent"

"I forgot his name"

"Go to Hermes cabin until we find out who's your olympian parent. Julio take his demigod to Hermes cabin"

"You're the kid who attack that monster last friday" I said.

"Yup!" he said.

"You're a donkey" I said.

"I'm satyar"

"A what?"

"Half-human & half-goat"

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