As I walked to Hermes cabin. It has peeling brown paint and a caduceus over the door. It is probably in such bad shape because it was so over-populated. I put my bags there & walked away w/ my hood up.

"Hi Prim" said Khole.

"Hi Khole" I said.

"I heard Augusto's moving U to Poseidon's cabin" said Khole.


"You're the daughter of Poseidon. U'll be lonley"


"No one was in Poseidon's cabin 4 years" The counselors throw my bags out of the door. I walked to Poseidon's cabin. It has a long, low building with windows facing the ocean, and looking like it's made of rough sea stone, with pieces of coral at the end of the cabin and a seashell and a trident over the door. It smells werid. There's has a sea breeze blowing through it outside. Inside it has walls made of abalone with rows of neat bunks, and a salt water fountain. There is also a sort of mobile of hippocampi.

I'm alone I thought. I was alone in Poseidon's cabin.

"Prim" said Augusto

"What" I said.

"I need to tell about Capture the flag tomorrow" said Augusto

"It happens once a month"

"No. Once a week"

"Don't they get tried of it"

"No" Augusto walked away. I made a sword made of water. I walked out of my cabin. I saw a few centaur w/ swords.

"Uh oh" I said.

They can't fight a 11 year-old girl. Whatever I thought. I was like a ninja. One of them give me a scar on my arm.

"Stop" said Augusto

"Thanks" I said.

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