It's June 27th. I was throwing rocks at the lake. I'm not happy. I wish I can meet my dad,Poseidon. Poseidon is my fav god. I should leave. I should be me! I'm a person I don't remeber. I was that tomboy who luvs country music & pop music,to gossip,fashion,to surf, & to sing,but I sing terrible. Now I'm like a dark sentive chick,that I don't remember. I had a werid dream last nite,OK. I was around mist.

"UGH!," I said "I can't see"

"Prim Jones" said a deep voice.

"WHO ARE U" I shouted

"I'm Zeus"

"Like King of Olympus,one of the Big Three & the god who's rude to his brothers,Posein & Hadies"

"Yes,yes & that's just a myth!"

"It's greek mythology"

"I'm a real god!"

"Sorry!" Then a loud knock woke up on 3:54 A.M. I didnt have a weapon. I walked to the door.

"Who's there?" I asked

"Just open the door,kid" I heard. I opened it.

"Who are U?" I asked

"I'm a nameless peguse" said peguse. He's a white peguse.

"Did my dad created U" I said.

"Yes" he said, "Are U Poseidon's daughter"

"Yes. I'm Prim Jones. I'll name U,Estiam"

"I like Estiam. What does it mean"

"I'm not one of Athena's kids"

"I know. You're like the only kid of Poseidon"

"I know. Why are U here"

"I don't know"

"I need sleep"

"I know. Good-night Primrose Jones. But stay strong"


I watched Estiam leave. Until I can't see him. What "Stay Strong" mean? How he knew my real name that no one calls me. The next day. I should be me!,today. Everyone was Who's that's girl. It's me! Remember,Estiam,I'd didnt tell him "He speaks good english". I bummed to a cute boy. He had blonde hair,blue eyes & light skin. He was HOT! Sorry.

"Sorry," I said. "I'm Prim Jones,daughter of Poseidon"

"I'm Eddie Tyson,son of Apollo" he said.

"BYE!" I said

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