"Prim!" I heard

"Estiam?" I said.

"Hi Prim" said Estiam

"Hey Est"

"Don't act cool like a gang person"

"I'm not. Last night,you say "Stay strong". But what are you trying to say"

"Listen,Prim. I'm trying to say face your fears"

"OK. I'm afarid of cycoles"

"Cycoles are one eyed people"

"I know"

"Poseidon has a few of them as his kids"

"I have cycoles as half-siblings"

"Just a few"

"You speak good english"

"English? You're speaking horse"

"I'm horsamantic"



"Get some sleep,Primrose"

The next day. Why would my dad have one eyed kids. I'm just bored. Why I talk like a horse. It's freaky. It was 11.p.m. I don't know why I'm awake that late. I've been think about Eddie,my mom,Khole(my BFF,remember) & Estiam. I grabbed my hoodie. It's werid to wear a hoodie in the beginning of summer. I'm werid. I saw a half-human & half-bull thing. I turn to the another direction. I saw Eddie w/ a sword.

"Hey ugly!" I shouted to the half-human & half-bull thing.

It turned & ran.

"For Olympus!" Eddie shouted while running.

The stupid animal got me.

Eddie fought the stupid animal until it dies.

"Thanks" I said.

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