This is the prologue of The Greatest Heroes of All.

~ χάος ~


The Earth.

Man has lived upon this world for centuries, giving it various different names. Terra. Gaea. Geb. Mother. Sol-3. Ground. Earth.

Outside that Earth lies the sky, known also as Ouranos, Uranus, Nut, U-no-le, the Atmosphere.

From there, the stars, the other worlds, space.

All of reality.

But, although this "reality" is constantly expanding, something exists beyond it.


Oh, yes, Khaos goes by other names of course, but the Greeks seem to remember their old Protogenos the best. Especially since those meddlers Walter Disney, Anne Ursu, and Rick Riordan made the ancient Greeks - well, ancient by human standards, anyway - popular in mortals' eyes again.

But recently, Khaos had come up more and more often in these strangest mortal devices. Computers, they were called. Yes... a website featuring the ancients, based upon that one meddler's work. Khaos appeared every so often, though, for some reason, his appearances were met only with his defeat.

How is this so? Khaos wondered. Ever since my fall at the hands of my son Ouranos, these mortals all seem to think that the greatest of the Protogenoi, nay, older than even the Protogenoi, is so easy to defeat.

But Khaos himself was not very strong anyway. These stories keep reinforcing the belief that he was weak, and thus, he remained weak. If only he could rid the world of these stories...

Of course! It was so simple. With the remainder of his strength, Khaos could ensure the destruction of all those who thought him weak, and rise to power once more.

Another chaos god, the Egyptian snake-dragon Apophis flew past. Khaos grabbed the vast serpent in a single celestial hand and took the serpent's power. No longer Khaos, Khaos thought, but Khapophis.

From the swirling madness beyond reality, Khapophis took hold of a massive sword.

Now to Earth, Khapophis thought. I'll start by destroying the one who calls himself Josh, the son of Hyperion...


This chapter of The Greatest Heroes of All was written by DarkCyberWolf.

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