Juan Paolo "Pao" Brandes
(born February 20,1995) is an Asian demigod son of Apollo
Name Paolo Brandes
Cabin Apollo, 7

Weapon of


A gold ring with his nickname Pao and a sun inscribed on it. It can transform into a golden bow that can shoot arrows made of light.
Age 15
Height 5'4
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Birthday February 20,1995

The Demigod Adventures

He and his friends thought that Senior High would be better unlike their previous years but their "fun" was ruined when they get attacked by dracanaes disguised as the lunch ladies and locked them up. Thankfully, Chiron was their and saved them before they got themselves killed. And that's the day when their adventures started.



Unlike the children of Apollo; Paolo has black hair probably from his mother,he also has her black eyes.But the only thing he has gotten from his father is his nose.He wears very bright and vibrant colors and also he likes bathing the sun making him a "moreno", meaning he has fair complexion.


Paolo is a king of person who doesn't let a problem ruin his day, instead he just shrug it off.Also he is a very bubbly and jolly person, he tends to laugh often at some things.He sometimes becomes too loyal that he doesn't even know if they are playing around or saying the truth.He can be serious at certain occasions and when needed to.


As with all of Apollo's children, Paolo was naturally skilled at archery, his skills are only rivaled by his aunt's, Artemis, hunters.

Paolo can temporarily hypnotize a person through singing.

He could heal people by singing to his father in Ancient Greek.

Since he is the son of the sun god. He can control light and use light as a form of offensive and defensive attacks.

For example, by controlling the light surrounding his body he can make himself invisible also he can use light like laser beam, light beam and light burst so he can blind an opponent.

He can also make light a solid form like when he used his golden bow and light arrow to kill a monster.

Known Family

Apollo- father, god of the sun, music, medicine, poetry and truth.

Lea Brandes- mother

Migs Brandes- brother, son of Hephaestus


Erra Oquialda - daughter of Khione, goddess of snow.


He is afraid of heights,insects and even butterflies.He also tends to laugh strangely

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