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Paris Theseus í̱ro̱as
One shot.
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
Current age 15
Gender Male
Family Hector í̱ro̱as (Half Brother)
Status alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6'
Alias Paris
Affiliation An Odyssey
Weapons A luger handgun;
Species Mortal, Homo Sapien;
Home unknown
Appearances An Odyssey
Quests None

 Paris Theseus í̱ro̱as is a clear sighted mortal legacy of the first Theseus. 


Hector has jet black hair, mud brown eyes and white skin.


He is harsh and will kill without hesitation.

Powers and abilities:

He is clear sighted, has abnormal strength and can kill someone who possesses the Achilles curse.


He has a luger handgun.

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