2012 - Patricia "Trip" Evergreen has been nominated for TEA 2!!!

"Spoiler Alert!" Do not proceed further unless you have read the latest chapter of Order and Chaos.

Patricia "Trip" Evergreen
Daughter of Flinn Miles
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 12 June 2066
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Flinn Miles(Father)

Vanessa Evergreen(Mother) Hephaestus(Grandfather)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Height "Short and Petite"
Alias Trip
Affiliation Brooklyn Branch
Weapons None
Species Legacy/2nd-Generation Demigod
Home Brooklyn
Appearances Order and Chaos
Quests None

Basic Info:

Patricia Evergreen(Called Trip by her peers) is a legacy of hephaestus/a 2nd-generation demigod in the Dark Future Series. She is also the main female protagonist in it.


Trip was born to Flinn Miles(a son of Hephaestus) and Vanessa Evergreen(a Mortal). Her father was supposedly "killed" by a drakon 7 years ago. Somewhere along this 7 years, Trip befriended a demigod named Allen Strife and they have become friends ever since. Through out these 7 years she has lived a normal mortal life. Also she became close to her greek mythology teacher, Mr Wales, which she found out is actually her father, Flinn Miles. Her life was normal until a monster at her school in which Allen, Lionel and Mr Wales protected her. She is now currently still learning about her ancestry and greek history.


Trip's hair was red like her mother's, but a much darker shade, there was a browish hue to it, from her father. She had inheritated her father's grey eyes and tanned skin, but her mother'scurveous figure as well as her sharp chin. She is described to be short and petite.

Allen also says that Trip is beautiful but it was only because people thought she was a freak for knowing so much about cars and her ADHD, that guys stayed away from her.


Trip has shown to be friendly towards people, making friends easily, like Lionel who himself is more of a loner. She also has shown to be caring, ready to help like when Kayla asked her fix her car and also about the safety and well being of her friends.

However, she is shown to be naive and dependent on people at times.

Also she becomes very engrossed when doing things she loves like fixing cars.


Natural ability to fix mechanical things: Trip has shown to be very skilled at fixing anything mechanical, mainly cars. She is known to be able to fix any cars with the right tools and parts.

Ability to look through mist: Trip has also shown to be able see through the mist more clearly than other beings. Like seeing the Dracanae without any hinderance and also she was able to see Aaron's human form when Allen and Lionel couldn't.


Little to no combat experience: Because Trip has never had any combat training, she does not know how to defend herself and is very dependent on people to protect her.


Trip's nickname, according to Allen was taken from the fact that "Tripping on a smooth surface and you wonder why your nickname is Trip."

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