Full Name: Patricia White

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: October 29th

Current Age: 16 

Godly Parent: Dionysus

Mortal Parent: Elizabeth White

Siblings: Theodore White and any other cildren of Dionysus

Sexuality: Straight

Best Friends: Hangs out with anyone, but is friends with no one 

Worst Enemies: Fun killers

Weapons: Just a dagger; it's nothing special

Magical Items: A small bag that will give her almost anything she wants, as long as, hypothetically, whatever it was could fit into the bag

Special Powers: It's harder for her to get knocked out, whether it's in a fight or a drinking contest or whatever

Dislikes: Bright lights, injustice, and obnoxious people

Likes: Parties, music, and food

Fatal Flaw: Stubborn

Personality Traits: Loud, funny, rebellious, impulsive, carefree, charismatic, and kind-hearted

Eyes: Wide, light brown eyes

Hair: Medium length, curly, and brown

Skin: Tan

Body Type: Acrobatic

Current Weight: 112 lbs.

Current Height: 5.3"

Preferred Clothing Choice: She doesn't have a particular style, as it changes almost every day

Other Identifying Physical Traits: The words: Do It Now & Do It Loud tatooed across her lower back/ several scars and bruises from random fights

General Background Information: Patricia, her older half-brother, and her mother shared an apartment in the city until she was thirteen when they were both killed in a car crash. She lived on the streets until this gang sort of adopted her. She was caught by police several times for vandalizing, destruction of property, theivry, assault, and underage drinking. But no one ever really realized almost none of it was her fault; she just hung out with the wrong people and got blamed by association; she only stuck with them because she really had no where else to go. The warehouse were she and some of the gang had been staying was infiltrated by police one night, and she fled with some of the others, one of which was a daughter of Ares, who dragged her to camp. But Patricia later got kicked out of Camp Half-Blood because of the numerous times she left without permission.

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