I watched them fight, helpless to stop it. The two gods were clashing over something. One was using a celestial bronze sword, and the other, a giant battle axe. Ares and Hephesteus. That's who they were. A chunk of Ares' axe came flying toward me and....

"PATRICK! WAKE UP!" Nico whispered loudly, shaking me from my nightmare. "NICO!?" I whispered, "Why are you here? Where's Percy?" "You were screaming in your sleep, and nobody was consoling you, so I came. And, Percy...well I was about to ask you the same thing,"

We tiptoed out of the cabin, sneaking toward the lake. I looked around the corner and almost screamed in disgust, but I clamped my hand over my mouth. Nico repeated my actions. "What is he doing?!" Nico asked. "I don't know, but I'm going in," I replied.

I put on my hood from my sweatshirt, and immediately turned invisible. I took a closer look and ran back to Nico saying "I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!!!"

One Month After the Incident

"Got any threes?" I asked Chris Rodrigez. "Go fish," he replied. "Liar," I shot back. "How do you know?" he asked. "Well, you don't have any twos, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines, tens, kings, queens, jacks, or aces. You must have threes," I told him. All of a sudden, as Chris was frowning at me, Nico burst in. "Guys, you've gotta come quick. It's Annabeth,"

Now, before I reveal this, do any of you wanna take a guess? If you guessed she's mortally wounded, you're wrong. If you guessed pregnant, ding, ding ding, correct.

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