Patrick...Patrick, wake up! Wake up my son! It's all a little foggy, but I think I said something real intelligant like: "" Wake up! Wake...UP!

    "WAAAAUGH!" I shouted. Breathing heavily, I looked down at my shirt, or rather what was left of it.  Where did I get those wounds?  I wondered to myself.  "Hi!" said a voice as if from nowhere.  I turned around and saw probably one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.  "What's your name?" she asked.  "...Patrick..." I answered hesitantly.  "That's a nice name!" the girl replied cheerfully.  "Thanks...What's yours?" I inquired.  "Elizabeth!  Daughter of Aphrodite!" she...Elizabeth answered enthusiastically.  Somehow, I wasn't surprised to hear that "Aphrodite" part.  Why wasn't I?  "Let's get you to Chiron and get you all healed up," Elizabeth said, grabbing my hand.  I don't think I'd ever blushed harder in my life...or what I'd remembered of it.

We walked up a hill, to a gate. It said: Camp Half-Blood. Huh. Weird.

"Chiron, I have a demigod!" Elizabeth called into the open doorway. "Bring him in, and let's get him claimed!" a voice that was most likely Chiron's replied. Chiron was half pony. That was his most distinctive feature that I noticed as he was looking me over. A centaur? I thought. "Poseidon," he said flatly. "Go introduce him to Percy,"

As I was walking akwardly with bandages covering 75% of my body, Elizabeth was singing beautifully in Ancient Greek. Wait...HOW DID I KNOW THAT THAT WAS GREEK!? Man, this was all confusing me, so I decided to use a pick up line on Elizabeth. I wanted to say something smooth like: 'That's a real nice voice ya got there', but it came out as "Ahaha...Pretty,".............Yeah, I know. Thankfully, she had already left, and I bumped into a figure that was probably about 6 feet tall. "Are you Percy?" I asked. I looked up, and he smirked, "Percy Jackson, at your service,"

After he had filled me in on everything at camp, a shadow flew out of nowhere at Percy, so I instinctively raised up my new shield and a girl's voice yelled "PERCY!" and the girl (who Percy introduced as Annabeth) and Percy began to smooch. Couples.

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