For the first contest of the wiki, the short story idea is:

  • Write a short story with more than 1000 words about a demigod during the Second Titar War in Manhattan (It can be an OC or Canon).
  • The winner will receive a special prize
  • The due date for submission is August 31
  • Swearing is allowed as long as it isn't very strong language just minor bad words
  • When you do your story for the contest do it on a separate page (Title of the story should be the page name and in parentheses: (Wiki Contest: August 2012) ) then link it to this page.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed, your story may have more than 1 chap but it has to be done by the end of the month or else you will be automatically disqualified.
  • The judge (s) for the montly contest of August 2012 is the user, DaughterofTerpsichore.


The Last Stand - ExtremeSSJ4

A demigod named Selena joins the battle of Manhattan with the rest of the Camp Half-Blood campers. Now, he must face horrible threats including horrible monsters and even old friends...

Ignition - Jack Firesword

A demigod son of hephaestus named Theo (Theseus) Castora, an outcast demigod, must fight the titans in texas and destroy their southern outpost. All that and a titan rebellion...

A Hunter's Tale - SonOfZeus1200

The story of of Taylor Argenta a Hunter of Artemis. Join her as she and her sisters in arms help the demigods of Camp Half-Blood defend Manhattan against cyclopes, giants, dragons and... tanks!?

We Are Broken - Hazelcats

Because not everyone in the war fought willingly.

Into The Darkness - Luke 12346

The Story of Keith Hudson, a son of Apollo who accompanys the Hunters into the Tunnels to stop the monsters pouring threw, will he manage to collapse the tunnel, and if so...will he be buried as well?

Adriano Firenze and the Titan War - DarkCyberWolf

How Adriano Firenze, son of Asklepius, fought in the Titan War without ever really knowing which side he is supposed to be on.

Strangers in the Dark - Leafwhisker

Luke's few moments while he was in control during the Second Titan War.


And the winner for the first contest in the wiki ever is......................*drumroll*


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