Judged by Hazelcats and Daughter of Poseidon118


To celebrate this Valentine's Day, write a short story involving anything with romance! But this does not necessarily mean writing a story about a character asking another to be their Valentine. It could range from a family-related story to a tragedy, from a break up to mending old relationships. The possibilities are endless! As long as it has some type of romance-related plot line.

To see rules, go here.


Your Intentions Were Gold by DaughterofAchelois

Melancholy of the Flowers by Leafwhisker

The Bustle for Hearts by Ersason219

A Promise to Meet Again by ArchieScotts

Hidden Behind the Pen by Hermione Chase

The Freezing Date by Anamantiumninja

Nico di Angelo's love story  by Beikeiai17

Life Without You by DaughterofTerpsichore

Love, Trust, and Betrayal by SonOfZeus1200

Valentine's Games by DarkCyberWolf

Symbols of Eternity by Storm wolf01

Golden Heart by Cutefairy78

The Love Without Life by HunterofArtemis12


The winner of this month's contest is DaughterofAchelois with Your Intentions Were Gold!


-DoP and Hazel

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