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The Fanfiction story X over Universe Fusionfall Takes place in a world with serious X over issue. You may get lost. Comments appreciated on Talk Page. [1]

Story Rundown

Planet Fusion is invading the X over world, where many different books, Cartoons and even author universes live in a world that is somewhat wierd but livable. Heroes are dissapearing left and right, and even the gods are weakening, they are being inflicted with a strange illness and Artemis has been captured

Demi Gods Featured

Non Orginal

Percy Jackson

Annabeth Chase

Thalia Grace

Nico di Angelo

Bianca Di Angelo

Non Original not Percy Jackson and ect

Hercules (Son of Zeus, Disney Hercules teen form)

Xion (hunter of Artemis, Kingdom Hearst 358 days)

Axel (Son of Apollo, Kingdom Hearst Chain of Memories)

Alex Russo (Daughter of Hecate Wizards of Waverly Place)

Demyx (Son of Apollo, great grandson of Posiedon Kingdom Heats 2)

Wadi (Daughter of Hermes The Secret Saturdays)
Original Demi gods

Panagiotakis Sotiros (Son of Athena)

Borrowed OC Demi God

Karen (Daughter of Posiedon)

This is staying a stub, a link to a page. The story is on the link

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