Perseus Gavreau is a legacy of the greek hero Perseus

Perseus Gavreau
Legacy of Perseus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 5 October 1997
Current age 15
Gender Male
Family Perseus - Ancestor
Status Single
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10
Alias  ???
Affiliation Clear-Sighted Mortal
Weapons Sword and Shield
Species Mortal
Home New York City
Appearances An Oddysey
Quests An Oddysey


Perseus Gavreau was the son of Elena Gavreau. He was a special child because it took Elena 3 times to conceive a child before finally getting one, the boy she named Perseus because she wants Perseus to be a reminder of Elena's greatest gift. Perseus Gavreau was chosen to be one of the mortals to go search for the lost fates. 


Perseus Gavreau is an intelligent boy with moderate sense of humor. He can also be sarcastic, which he founds it appealing to people around him. 

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