Vital statistics
Name Phyllia
Alias None
Affiliation Students of Hecate
Gender Female
Age 15 (As of 2012)
Hair Color Silver (Formerly Auburn)
Eye Color Green
Species Unknown, presume demigod.
Family Unknown
Marital Status 2012: Single
First Appearance The Spartan Theory

Phylliais a sorceress reincarantion of Aurai.


Early Life

Not much is knownof Phyllia's early life, even by Phyllia herself. It is believed she was the child of an alternate pantheon, but was exiled for her parents crimes. dopted by Hecate she studied magic and became an adept sorceress. Upon the coming of age, she took in the spirit of the dying god Aurai, turning her hair silver to signify the power within her.


Phyllia and Michael Johnson somehow met, and became fast, (If unadmitted) friends and allies. Phyllia has expressed unrequited romantic interest in Michael, who has an on-and-off relationship with Kyra Musika.

Possible Future(s)

Phyllia has been said to still live at 14 in the POTfuture. In a possible future Michael is trying to prevent she becomes the malicious Moon Mage.


According to information gathered by Michael she is somehow related to Katherine Murray, but he has yet to tell either of them.


As a Supporting Character

The Spartan Theory


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