Physical Domains game is a game that is to be announced. The game is a PC, and is also compatible with Playstation 3. Physical Domains is under work and construction.


Physical Domains took place in the earth. In the intro, it is shown that there are 3 heroes, each representing their elements (physical domains). They are: Earth, Water, and Sky (or wind). All the three heroes each show their abilities.

The heroes have to battle the forces of evil. They are blessed with each individual powers: Geokinesis, Hydrokinesis, and Aerokinesis.

Players become one of their apprentice, and play as a character, killing monsters as you progress up in level.

Classes (Domains)

There are only 3 main classes available in this game. However, once you join a class, you will find that the class will branch into so many other classes, which will unlock as you progress in the game. There are:


Earth is one of the main classes, and it allows you to control the earth. You get 10 attribute points that you can spend as you level up. The base stats are:

Strength: 20 Agility: 5 Endurance: 25 Intelligence: 10 Perception: 15


Water is also one of the main classes, and allows you to control the ocean water and anything associated to water. The base stats are:

Strength: 15 Agility: 10 Endurance: 20 Intelligence: 15 Perception: 15

Sky (wind)

Sky is one of the main classes, and choosing this class allows you to have Aerokinesis. The base stats are:

Strength: 5 Agility: 25 Endurance: 20 Intelligence: 10 Perception: 15


Each classes have their own attributes. They are divided into:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Intelligence
  • Perception

Strength: Defines how much strength that person has (i.e. he is strong enough to lift weights that are 120 kg)

Agility: The ability to easily dodge your enemies attacks, and move swiftly without losing your balance.

Endurance: How long can your character survive on a battle.

Intelligence: Is good for casting spells (needs work)

Perception: The ability to recognise an enemy's presence, and also reduces damage taken from your enemies.

Note: The maximum stats available for each attributes is 500

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