Piper Andres

Piper sometime after she turns eighteen.

Piper Isabelle Andres is a mortal woman.

The Heart Collector

Piper plays a minor role, she wants Julianne to have a great experience at Camp Half-Blood.


When Piper was born, she looked ugly and different. No one wanted her and liked her. But Piper had a very special talent: She was an amazing blacksmith. She caught the eye of Hephaestus, and they had a one-night stand. Piper got pregnant with Julianne. She ran away, not only for Julianne but becuase she was unwanted. She gave birth at January 9, 1993.


Piper has caramel brown hair and big hazel eyes. She has a heart shaped head. Piper is a bit of a tomboy, and is proud of it.


Piper is a sad and lonely child. She is very talented and smart. She hasn't made much friends her whole life. Although, she is always kind and sweet.

Known Family

  • Lily Andres (Mother)
  • Lewis Andres (Father)
  • Hepheastus (Former boyfriend)
  • Julianne Andres (Daughter)

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