This is a Collab about five new demigods who arrive at Camp. Except... they have powers which don't match what any god represents. This is the story of how they try to fit in at camp, deal with their Demigod trials and get to the root of their abilities.

Members of this Collab:

  • Ers
  • Drag
  • Rin
  • Storm
  • Jack

Powers Available:

  • Pathokinesis- Can feel and change peoples emotions
  • Telekinesis- Can move objects with the mind (Rin)
  • Hallucikinesis- Can make people Hallucinate or see illusions (Drag)
  • Audiokinesis- Control and Bend Sound (Ers)
  • Kinetikinesis- Can manipulate Kinetic Energy (Storm)


You can make up a character, you don't have to make the character on the Wiki itself. Just use one character in your head, i.e Tommy Jones etc...


Chapters List

Chapter 1: Ers

Chapter 2: Rin

Chapter 3: Jack

Chapter 4: Storm

Chapter 5: Drag

Chapter 6: Ers

Chapter 7: Rin

Chapter 8: Jack

Chapter 9: Storm 

Chapter 10: Drag

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