Lex Aryans

Prim Jones,main chararcter.

Prim's adeventure:My jounrey is a humor,suspense,mystery,drama & action/adventure story by SILLYCOCONUT. Theme song:A jounrey for a young girl written by:SILLYCOCONUT & sing by:NONE.


Prim Jones

Khole Miller

Arte Throne

Yuri Unger

Leo Benson

Julio Lura

Eddie Tyson

Bella Dawnson

Cameron Styles


Tyson from Percy Jack & the olympians & Heros of Olympus


CHAPTER 1:I met one of my biggest fears

CHAPTER 2:The dance battle

CHAPTER 3:My waterfall wet everyone

CHAPTER 4:I'm a what?

CHAPTER 5:Julio's a what?

CHAPTER 6:My war w/ evil centaurs

CHAPTER 7:I met a cute boy

CHAPTER 8:He saved me from the Minatour

CHAPTER 9:My new enemy is my what?

CHAPTER 10:The Artemis hunters wants me

CHAPTER 11:Caputar the flag turned into a dangerous game

CHAPTER 12:I met my worst enemy who's the oppiste of her mom

CHAPTER 13:Augusto give me a quest

CHAPTER 14:We hit Vancouver

CHAPTER 15:I met my olympian aunt,Hesta

CHAPTER 16:Danger hits Colorado springs

CHAPTER 17:We forgot about our quest in San Diego

CHAPTER 18:New York at last

CHAPTER 19:I fight my half-brother

CHAPTER 20:Cameron's punishment


Go to the son of Apollo's hometown

Forget this in south California

Half-siblings fight each other

The son of the sea god shall be punished

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