Rebecca Marks
Name Rebecca Marks
Cabin Apollo, 7
Weapon of Choice Bow and Arrows
Age 14
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Birthday February 3, 1996

Rebecca is shy when she first meets people. When she gets to know them better however, she opens up. When she opens up, she is known to be funny and extremely nice. According to Kassi (Rebecca's friend) her kindness is one of her best qualities. She always tries to make people feel better about themselves and never gossips or puts people down. She's always looking out for others.

As a daughter of Apollo, she is naturally gifted with archery.

Rebecca is also gifted in just about all athletics. One sport she excels at is basketball, playing mostly at a point-guard position. She is a great shooter from both the inside and outside and is also fast. She also has great ball handling. She plays other sports besides basketball and also excels at them.


She is friends with demigods Kassi Banoight and Natalie Cole . She accompanies them on two quests:

Oh, For the Love of Coffee!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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