Roscoe Jacob "Red" Frost
Red Frost Anime
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 1, 2012
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Minerva (Mother)

Marcurko Odinson (paternal ancestor) Alexander Frost (father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'5"
Alias Reddy, Rosky
Affiliation The Vigilantes
Weapons Pertinax, a wooden staff
Species Demigod, has Asgardian blood.
Home formerly Camp Jupiter
Appearances None
Quests None

Roscoe Jacoby "Red" Frost is a son of Minerva and a descendant of Odin through Marcurko Odinson. He is the weilder of Pertinax, the Blank Slate Blade. He can also use the Olympian Blessings.


Red was born Roscoe Jacoby Frost. As a young child, given his mixed blood, his mother placed him in Camp Jupiter to be safe. He was put in the Fourth Cohort, where he was teased for his red hair and odd name. He later changed his name to Red in order to avoid this. At one point, he went on a quest to find Pertinax, the opposite of Iaculis, the other blade made by Marcurko. He took it and hid it for himself, which caused him exile from Camp Jupiter. He then killed a camper in fury, marking him as a criminal.


Red has bright red hair (almost scarlet), vine green eyes and pale skin. He has 4 scars - three on his face from a manticore attack and one on his arm from having his SPQR tattoo burned off. He normally wears a white jacket over a black t-shirt and brown pants.


Red is very cold, almost apathetic, which helps him in battle to keep a level head and come up with strategies. When not in battle, he does show emotion, however. He doesn't get angry easily, and is very creative. He enjoys drawing and script-writing. 


Strategic Mind

As a child of Minerva and a descendant of Odin, two war gods, Red has a mind designed specifically for strategy. He has shown that he can come up with a strategy even in the worse situations, see every variable and the outcome of each, and work faster than a supercomputer. He has been stated to be the "greatest strategist in the world", and "have a mind that strategizes like it breathes or makes the heart beat".

Swordsmanship Skills

Red has always been skilled with katanas over gladiuses and other Roman weapon. He typically used an imperial gold katana before drawing Pertinax, after which he uses that blade. He has shown skill in Iaido, Kendo, Battoujutsu and Roman styles. 

Olympian Blessings

Red, at some point after leaving Camp Jupiter, unlocked the Olympian Blessings. He has shown that he uses the Artemis Blessing for offense, the Hades Blessing for travel and the Apollo Blessing for disguise. 

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