Reimagination: Olympian Fear is a reimagining of ExtremeSSJ4's Olympian Fear series. Adopted and written by the author of The Jackson Legacy and The Enlightened Trilogy, Simon Layton (FlamingoValdez).

An alternate universe set after The Last Olympian starring the original canon characters, but the events of The Heroes Of Olympus didn't happen, although Camp Jupiter and the characters of the second series are in this series.


Athena has a vision from a mysterious dream sender. Her children, like the children of her fathers, would bring her down. Logic and reason has prevented her from fear to overtake her mind so far, but when someone has sent another vision of her children and the children of The Big Three razing the world, she must act quickly.

But  then the fear has finally settled...


  • Fear Itself
  • The Curse Of The Gods
  • Breaking Fear


There will be moments and content you wouldn't like that might make you give up on the story completely. The rating will be teens but there will be materials that are considered dark and mature. The feats are done for artistic reasons. Not sadistic reasons. Done to evoke the atmosphere and feelings to the readers that I desired. Love it or hate it. Deal with it.

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