Richard Rains
Richard Rain avatar
Son of Hemera
Empathic Mimic
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth September 19, 2005
Current age Varies
Gender Male
Family Hemera (mother)

Ricardo Janiez (biological father) Danny Rains (uncle, surrogate father) Sylvia Rains (aunt, surrogate mother) Deej Rains (cousin, surrogate brother) Jess Rains (cousin, surrogate sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Height 5'5
Alias That Mimic
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons His powers
Species Demiprotenegoi
Home Hemera Cabin, Camp Half-Blood
Appearances None
Quests None

Achilles Ricardito "Richard" Rains is the demiprotenegoi son of Hemera.


Richard was born in 2005. His mother, Hemera, saw that he would not have any Demigod abilities, which would be dangerous because he attracted so many monsters. She gave him powers at the cost of his biological father's life, and then left him on his uncle and aunt's doorstep. 





Demigod Abilities

Richard can copy the powers of other demigods. He can duplicate them out of range. His powers only work in demigods, as well.

Abilites Duplicated

  • Stealing from any of the Hermes kids
  • Wind Control & Flight from his Uncle Xavier
  • Time Travel & Control from Justin Ime
  • Radiation Control from Seraphim
  • Achiles Curse from Seraphim
  • Titan Force Waves from Seraphim
  • Power Theft from Seraphim
  • Inhuman Strength from Hercules
  • Telekinesis from Rose Suchak

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